Captain Barnacles is the captain of the Octonauts and one of the bravest polar bears you will ever meet. He is one of the strongest of the staff. Always the first to rush in and help when there's a problem, the crew has great respect for him.

Along with being the captain, Barnacles is also the strongest member of the crew and he's demonstrated that in a number of different episodes. He's also one of the most level-headed crew members, often dismissing his crew mate Kwazii's outlandish stories about sea monsters and ghosts.

It's also been revealed that he rather fancies playing the accordion. Though he has trouble playing it well, "Octonauts and the Orcas". So far the only ones to appreciate the music have been a pod of Orcas. He is also an oceanographer and a map finder.

He is also very fond of the Arctic Circle as that is where he grew up.

In both UK and US version Captain Barnacles has the same accent.


Barnacles has white fur and a blue uniform with a matching hat. He's also always seen wearing his favorite compass on his belt. His earlobes are white, though the insides are bright blue.


  • Octonauts uniform
  • Exercise attire (in books)
  • Deep Sea Suit
  • Pajamas (many times in the show)
  • Snow Suit (despite being a cold adapted animal)

Octo Alert

Captain Barnacles sounds of the Octo Alert to gather the Octonauts to the main deck to help an underwater creature. He does not usually sound the Octo Alert himself, he sends the person closest to him to do it, or the one that has a problem. When he calls for the launch bay he runs down the hallways and shoots down chutes with Kwazii and Peso. In one of the episodes, he is seen weightlifting, which gives him his strength. He has a habit of saying "Octonauts, to the..." when he hears the Octo-Alert, even if he wasn't the one who sounded it (episodes "The Kelp Forest Rescue", "The Crafty Cuttlefish", "The Mantis Shrimp", etc.).


  • "Sound the Octo-Alert!"
  • "Octonauts, to the launch bay."
  • "Octonauts, to the HQ."
  • "Octonauts, to your stations."
  • "Octonauts, let's do this!"
  • "Octonauts, to the GUPS."
  • "Brace yourselves!"
  • "This could get ...!"
  • "Time to sound the Octoalert!"
  • "Time for some polar bear strength!"

Other Friends


Bianca (Twin sister)

Orson (Nephew)

Ursa (Niece)


  • Barnacles is an author of a book-manual "How to Pilot the Octopod, Third Edition."
  • Barnacles earned every Polar Scout Badge except one ( The Walrus Rescue Badge) witch he finally earned in Season 4 Episode 5 The Walrus Pups
  • He is the only member of the Octonauts other than Dashi who regularly sleeps with his hat on in bed.
  • He usually squints his eyes whenever he is giving orders, thinking about problems or talking to crew during certain times.


If you wanna see more pictures of Captain Barnacles, See Captain Barnacles Bear/Gallery.

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