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Calico Jack is Kwazii's long-lost grandfather and is considered the greatest cat pirate ever. Kwazii originally thought that he died a long time ago, but he ends up finding him alive and in the Amazon River in The Amazon Adventure.

In earlier episodes, Kwazii found lots of items and a sunken ship that once belonged to Calico Jack. His sunken ship and golden spyglass were found in The Slime Eels, a music box with a song about him in The Pirate Parrotfish, and Calico Jack's coconut (really a hollow cannonball) in The Coconut Crabs. After cracking the coconut, Kwazii reads a two-page note from him.

Like Kwazii, Calico Jack is voiced by Rob Rackstraw, who portrays him with a sea-farer's accent much like his grandson, only deeper and gruffer in tone.

He also appears in the Season 5 episodes The Flying Squid and The Wood Eating Catfish, along with multiple episodes in Above & Beyond Season 1, such as The Beetle Invasion and The Wild Windstorms.

A quote describing him from the official Octonauts accounts: Kwazii's grandfather & proud cat pirate. Despite being a pirate, Calico Jack is slightly less quick to blame mythical creatures for strange things that he and the Octonauts encounter.




  • Calico Jack is the oldest Octo-Agent.
  • In Above & Beyond Season 1, he often calls Kwazii “lad” or "matey".
  • Unlike his grandson, Calico Jack isn't afraid to face spiders.
  • In The Harlequin Duck, it is shown that he tends to panic when he realizes the mistakes he's made.