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Captain Barnacles is the captain of the Octonauts and a brave polar bear. Along with being the captain, Barnacles is also the strongest member of the crew, and he's demonstrated that in a number of different episodes. He's also one of the most level-headed crew members, often dismissing Kwazii's outlandish stories about sea monsters and ghosts. His crew has a lot of respect for him.

It's also been revealed that he rather fancies playing the accordion. Rather unfortunately, he has trouble playing it well, as shown in The Octonauts and the Orcas. So far, the only ones to appreciate the music have been a pod of Orcas. He is also an oceanographer and a map finder.

Captain Barnacles is also very fond of the Arctic Circle, as that is where he grew up with his sister Bianca.

In both the UK and US versions, Captain Barnacles speaks with a British accent.

As shown in the Manatees, it is revealed that he can rather be embarrassed by situations he gets into to. He mispronounces Shellington's name and gets his sentences rather mixed up.

It is revealed in The Octonauts and The Caves of Sac Actun, that he has claustrophobia after being stuck inside an ice cave/hole as a cub. Being in the narrow Sac Actun Cave tunnels reminded him of how he came to fear tight, closed-in spaces as a young cub and throughout his adult life. It is interesting to note that at the time, Kwazii and Dashi knew about this, while Peso did not. This might be because Peso came to the crew later, or because Kwazii is considered more of a best friend or a right-hand man. However, Barnacles manages to overcome his fear with the help of Peso's bravery and support from Ryla and the other Octonauts.


Captain Barnacles has white fur and a blue uniform with a matching hat. He's also always seen wearing his Octo-Compass on his belt. His earlobes are white, though the insides are bright blue as well as his snout.



Captain Barnacles sounds off the Octo-Alert to gather the Octonauts to the main deck to help an underwater creature. He does not usually sound the Octo-Alert himself, he sends the person closest to him to do it, or the one that has a problem. When he calls for the launch bay he runs down the hallways and jumps down chutes with Kwazii and Peso. In one of the episodes, he is seen weightlifting, which gives him his strength. He has a habit of saying "Octonauts, to the..." when he hears the Octo-Alert, even if he wasn't the one who sounded it (episodes "The Kelp Forest Rescue", "The Crafty Cuttlefish", "The Mantis Shrimp", etc.). Sometimes when the power happens to be off, and Barnacles needs to use the Octo-Alert, he gets the Vegimals to do their own version of it.


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  • "Paani!"(The Monster Digger)
  • "Let's sound the Octo-Alert!"
  • "Sound the Octo-Alert!"
  • "Operation __________ begins now!"
  • "Now it's time for Operation Cleanup!" (The Spinner Dolphins)
  • "Octonauts, to the_______!"
  • "Octonauts, to the Ouch Q!" (The Fiddler Crabs)
  • "Let's investigate!"
  • "Easy as she goes."
  • "Octonauts, let's do this!"
  • "Octonauts, we've got an emergency rescue, first aid, lost sardine situation." (The Sardine School).
  • "Brace yourselves!"
  • "This could get bumpy!"
  • "Time to sound the Octo-Alert!"
  • "Time for some polar bear strength!"
  • "Peso, you drive!"
  • "Go ahead, Shellyfish... I mean Jellington... I mean Shellington!" (The Manatees)
  • "Octonauts, to the kitchen! (The Leafy Sea Dragons)
  • "Then we better lead them back to the... Ouchopod."(The Manatees)
  • "Sometimes a spare tentacle really comes in handy."(The Colossal Squid)
  • "We're gonna find this so-called ghost whale."(Octonauts and the Albino Humpback Whale)
  • "Kwazii, stop that stew!"(The Leafy Sea Dragons)
  • "There's not a moment to lose!"
  • "Octonauts, to the H... uh, no, um, Octonauts, to the Launch... um, follow that tree lobster! (The Tree Lobsters)
  • "Time to sound the Octo A- oh." (The Manatees)
  • "Open the Octohatch!"
  • "We mean no harm. We are the Octonauts!"
  • "Right, um, we're the Octonauts, and we've discovered some trouble on this coral reef." (The Damselfish)
  • "Now this is scary, a library with no books!" (The Octopod Mystery)
  • "Um, Peso, I never told you this, but...I have a fear of tight, closed-in spaces.” (The Octonauts and The Caves of Sac Actun)

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  • Captain Barnacles is an author of a book-manual How to Pilot the Octopod, Third Edition.
  • Barnacles earned every Polar Scout Badge except one, the Walrus Rescue Badge, which he finally earned in the fifth episode of Season 4, The Walrus Pups.
  • He and Dashi are the only Octonauts who regularly sleeps with his hat on in bed.
  • Captain Barnacles is often seen playing the accordion in the books. This hobby was carried into the show.
  • The entire crew often gets a headache when he plays his accordion, as he has trouble playing it correctly sometimes.
  • Other hobbies of his in the books include writing in his Captain’s log (shown in The Sea of Shade writing “I like peas...they taste good.”), making shadow puppet shows, singing sea shanties + singing in the rain, exercising, dancing to music with the Vegimals, and building models (in the style of ships in a bottle, in this case Gups, as he’s seen making a model of the Gup A). Most hobbies are exclusive to the books and don’t reoccur in the show.
  • He usually squints his eyes whenever he is giving orders, thinking about problems or talking to his crew at certain times.
  • Captain Barnacles is claustrophobic (afraid of tight spaces), as shown in the Caves of Sac Actun.
  • Out of the whole crew, he considers Peso to be "The bravest Octonaut I've ever met", as mentioned at the end of The Caves of Sac Actun.
  • It is shown that in the books he lacks his full uniform, even in the last two created after the show debuted his clothed design.
  • It is possible he can hold his breath for more than two minutes as seen in the The Great Arctic Adventure.
  • Captain Barnacles’ favorite flavor of kelp cake is Chocolate.
  • The aerobics outfit he wears in The Octonauts and the Ring of Fire is a reference to a similar outfit he wore in the first Octonauts book, The Octonauts and the Only Lonely Monster.
  • Barnacles is a hardcore barb, confirmed by one of the producers.
  • He is the Octonaut who is stung by jellyfish the most.
  • In Above and Beyond, he’ll be more on his vulnerable side and be more worried for his crew.


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