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Teresa Gallagher (UK)
Mary Murphy (US, seasons 1-4)
Jenny Yokobori (US, Caves of Sac Actun-Present)

Dashi is the crew's sweet-natured IT officer. She is one of the only females other than Tweak and Tominnow on the Octonauts crew.

Dashi is a Dachshund who controls all of the computers, communication devices, and steering for the Octopod. She is often portrayed as a meteorologist as well, as she often is the one monitoring the weather forecasts on the Octopod's storm tracker. She is also the crew's official photographer, taking pictures of the different creatures the Octonauts meet. Dashi normally stays on the Octopod to coordinate missions on an advisory capacity, but she has joined in on a number of missions before and has even done a solo mission that involved taking photos of various sea life. She has an Australian accent in the original UK version, but not in the US version; instead, she has a lighter voice with an American accent.

Normally, Dashi is seen in her seat up in the HQ next to crewmate and fellow Octonaut Shellington, whom she has done a few missions with before, like staying down in the Mariana Trench for a few weeks or looking for different creatures in any ocean they visit. She's also usually seen in her room on the Octopod, which is on the other side of Peso's room, where the décor of it reveals her as being very feminine. The walls are pink and she's normally seen either messing with her favorite camera, sitting at her vanity, or reading. She sleeps with pink headphones listening to soothing music as seen in The Enormous Elephant Seal and The Crab and Urchin, although we hear the music in the "Enormous Elephant Seal" and it's completely silent in the "Crab and Urchin". Dashi has a younger and well-behaved sister named Koshi who is ten and is an amateur detective who helped the Octonauts. She first appeared in Season 1, "The Whale Shark", where she was taking pictures inside a Whale Shark's mouth thinking that it was an underwater cave.


Her fur is light brown, wears two hair clips (one bluish-white, one pink) on her dark brown hair which joins to her pair of ears, she wears a light brilliant magenta with a skinny white stripe and vivid cerise skirt on her waist, and a brown tank top that's the same color has her ears and hair. Like the rest of the Octonauts, she wears a blue hat with the Octonauts logo on it, as well as a pair of blue boots with the Octonauts logo on each one.

Other Outfits



When Captain Barnacles call for an Octo Alert, Dashi is just usually found sitting on her bed doing something or at the controls in HQ. This is also the same for the launch bay. Sometimes Captain Barnacles lets her sound the Octo-Alert, but not very often.


  • "Say...Seaweed!" - Whenever Dashi takes a picture.
  • "Say...Sea Star!" (The Over-Under Adventure)
  • "Say...Jelly!" (The Giant Jelly)
  • "Already on it, Captain!"
  • "I'm on it!"
  • "My camera!" - Whenever she drops her camera and tries to get it back.
  • "There's some amazing stuff in here!" (The Whale Shark)
  • "I'm having the most awesome time taking what just might be the first photos ever taken inside a Whale Shark's stomach!" (The Whale Shark)
  • "Dashi to Octopod. I'm about to get out and explore the coral reef. Get ready to see some great pictures!" (The Snapping Shrimp)
  • "Captain, are you sure he'll be okay all alone out there?" (The Jellyfish Bloom)
  • "I...I...I hear you, Captain." (The Snapping Shrimp)
  • "Captain, we seem to be stuck, can you locate us?" (The Kelp Forest Rescue)
  • "You want me to sound the octo-ftltll?" (The Humuhumunukunukuapuaa)
  • "I'm on it, Captain." - Dashi taking command from Captain Barnacles.
  • "It's pretty hard to get anything past my little sister. Right, Koshi? Oh, except when she is reading." (The Kelp Monster Mystery)
  • "Captain, help!" (The Amazon Adventure)
  • (inhales sharply, exhales relieved) “That air feels good.” (The Gulper Eels)
  • "Just like old times. Eh, Ryla?" (The Caves of Sac Actun)
  • "That was a close one." (The Caves of Sac Actun)
  • "Keep going Shellington." (the Ring of Fire)
  • "Dashi and Shellington reporting in!" (The Ring of Fire)

Other Friends

Known Family

Koshi - (Little Sister, seen in The Kelp Monster Mystery)

Ryla - (Old friend who taught her about cave diving; seen in the Octonauts and the Caves of Sac Actun)


  • In the original 2004 calendar art, along with the first edition prints of the books, Dashi was originally named Sauci, referring to her breed “Sausage Dog”. Due to regional differences in the connotation of “Sausage Dog”, her name was changed to Dashi (“Dachshund”) and has stayed as such since the beginning of the TV show.
  • Dashi seems to have gone through the most design changes out of the main cast. In her first appearance on the 2004 Calendars, she lacks her bangs and darker hairstyle, along with her hair clips, which she gains back in the next few pieces. Some art around the release of the original books presents her in a blue tie and belt, along with appearing on the character collages on the first pages. Despite this, she never wears the tie in the rest of the books illustrations. She keeps the blue apron around her waist from the calendars in every book until “Explore the Great Big Ocean”.
  • In the books “Explore the Great Big Ocean” and “The Growing Goldfish” her skirt is blue. In the show, it's pink. This is the same for her hair clips which are pink and pale-blue in the show and all blue in the books. They are still colourized as such in the two books that released after the show’s debut.
  • The double hair clips in Dashi’s design were inspired by a Meomi character that predates the Octonauts named Tavia (Octavia). She was a cat-humanoid figure with dark hair, yellow freckles, pale skin, striped socks, the double hairclips, AND a red backpack with a concept of what would become the Octonauts logo. Tavia’s looks were, in itself, inspired by how Vicki Wong of Meomi dressed in the past. (source link TBA)
  • Dashi's good at surfing, as seen in The Great Arctic Adventure and The Surfing Snails
  • Sometimes, when the Captain Barnacles is away, she or Kwazii takes the role as acting captain.
  • She has her own camera and brings it with her on every mission she attends. Sometimes she has a tendency to accidentally drop it (as seen in The Whale Shark, The Snapping Shrimp, and The Manta Rays).
  • Hobbies Dashi has in the books include: Brushing her hair, Swimming, playing Basketball, playing on the playground’s seesaw, picking out sunglasses, updating the Octopod’s software, sunbathing while reading, taking pictures, and painting with watercolour. Most of these are exclusive to the books.
  • Instruments Dashi has played include the Cello (or some sort of Violin), which is only seen in The Frown Fish book.
  • In the Kelp Monster Mystery, it is revealed that she is a fan of mystery novels as is her sister Koshi.
  • It is revealed in The Octonauts Movie: The Underwater Caves of Sac Actun, before she became an Octonaut, she was the photographer for Ryla. The two went exploring in deep underwater caves, and Ryla taught her a thing or two about cave diving.
  • In many episodes it is seen that Dashi listens to music while sleeping with her headphones.
  • Dashi is the second character on the show after Tweak to have a change of voice actors in the middle of the show's run (doing so between the end of Season 4 and the Caves of Sac Actun).
  • Dashi likes to do yoga in the morning (Shown in Ring of Fire)
  • Dashi’s favourite kelp cake is Strawberry.
  • Dashi is the only dog that can’t dog paddle, stated in The Only Lonely Monster book.
  • Plenty of different cameras can be seen displayed in Dashi’s bedroom, implying she may have an interest in collecting them.
  • In Above & Beyond, she has a larger lead role in the series. She also primarily pilots the new Octo-Ray, and when in heavy storms, she become brave and uses a steady paw just like the Captain.



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