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The Gup-D is a small, multipurpose Gup with retractable arms and legs. With its legs and arms out it looks like a crab, but with its legs and arms in it looks like a manta ray. The Gup-D is Tweak’s favorite Gup.



  • Retractable claw arms
  • Retractable legs
  • Drills
  • Carrot shooter



  • In the Jellyfish Bloom, Captain Barnacles uses the Gup-D with garden eel-based tech to tunnel through a rocky cliff to save Shellington, Peso, and Kwazii when Kwazii's tail gets caught by a jellyfish’s tentacles.
  • Shellington has crashed the Gup-D three times, once in The Hammerhead Sharks, once in Operation Cooperation, and once in The Remipedes.
  • In The Fiddler Crabs, the Gup is mistaken for a giant crab that wants to attack the crabs’ beach and is taken over by the fiddler crab leader.
  • In The Hammerhead Sharks, the Gup is mistaken for a stingray and the shark pups try to eat it.