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The Gup-H is a Gup that first appears in the episode "The Poison Dart Frogs." It is built to look like a dragonfly. The H in its name stands for helicopter, and it is used to soar above the sea and watch the animals that hop in and out of the water. It has been made as a toy. It also appears in the episode, "The Baby Sea Turtles"

It is mainly driven by Tweak with Tunip in the another seat beside her, but she has been seen with Peso in the passenger seat in The Axolotl and Kwazii in The Grey Whales. Every time the Gup is in use, the driver and rider both wear helmets with eye covers.


  • Rotors use environmentally friendly oils for lubricant.
  • Object shooter intended for shooting bait (or fish biscuits).
  • Collective wheel for altitude control (orientation).
  • Extendable and retractable landing legs.
  • Tether line that drops down for others to grab onto.