The Gup-X is a strong Gup that can fit all of the Octonauts and Vegimals. It is built to look like a crab, and it was also a Christmas present from Tweak to Captain Barnacles.


  • The biggest gup (so far)
  • Fits all of the Octonauts inside at one time.
  • Octo-suction treads.
  • Squirts out slippery slime.
  • Unbreakable outer shell.
  • Can separate into 3 additional vehicles (Octo-Ski, Tank, Glider).
  • Can release rescue lines.
  • Can lift its body above its chassis and turn the body around.
  • Has a snack shooter.
  • Can tilt.
  • Has a Gup-X reconnector to reconnect the parts of the gup. (Revealed in The Loggerhead Sea Turtle)

Gup Close-Up

Episodes featuring the Gup-X

  • S02E04 Octonauts and the Great White Shark
  • S03E08 Octonauts and the Yeti Crab
  • S03E20 Octonauts and the Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  • S04E14 Octonauts and the Surfing Snails
  • Special Episode 2: Octonauts and the Great Christmas Rescue