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Kwazii is a daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past. He loves storms, exploring, general excitement and swashbuckling.

Kwazii is one of the best drivers on the Octopod as he often takes his favorite Gup, the Gup-B, out for driving practice. Kwazii can also pilot the Octopod's steering wheel (the Amazon Adventure) but he seems to enjoy taking a very bumpy and roundabout way to the destination.

As befits a pirate and an old-fashioned sailor, Kwazii believes in many different kinds of sea monsters and legendary beasts. Oftentimes he seems to try and scare his crewmate Peso with his spooky stories. And usually his tales have some basis in fact, such as Vampire Squid and mantis shrimp. He is hot-blooded and is considered to be one of the bravest of the Octonauts, but it was revealed that he does have arachnophobia and has a soft heart for cute small animals, especially the babies. He does not like Octopod chores that he deems boring like cleaning or science, and is always up for a little excitement. In many episodes, it is shown that he isn’t very patient.

In both the original UK version and the US version of the show, Kwazii speaks with a Cockney accent and a typical sea ferrying dialect.

He has also found out that his grandfather, Calico Jack, is still alive and looked for the hidden golden city with him in the episode "The Octonauts and The Amazon Adventure."

He seems to have a friendly rivalry with Captain Barnacles. He also knows Captain Barnacles well enough to guess that he didn't like enclosed spaces.

He hates the cold, and typically requires hot cocoa before exploring an area of the Arctic or Antarctic with the other Octonauts.


Kwazii has orange fur, freckles, blue boots, a blue collar, a yellow muzzle, a pink nose, a long floor length-tail, a small tear in his right ear and mostly wears an eyepatch over his right eye. Kwazii has no whiskers or claws unlike real cats. He most often sleeps with his hat off.

Kwazii preparing for attack.png

Other outfits

  • Deep Sea Suit
  • Pirate
  • Fairy Costume (in the books)
  • Suction Cup Suit
  • Snow Suit
  • Cave Diving Suit with lime green patterns (The Octonauts and the Underwater Caves of Sac Actun)
  • Heatproof Suit (Water Bears)


Other Friends

Kwazii Octo5.png
  • Dina the Sardine
  • Baby Dolphin
  • Pete the Parrotfish
  • The Octopus (The Monster Map)
  • The Giant Spider Crab Grandpa
  • Rocko the infant Adele Penguin
  • Twinkle the Sea Star
  • Claude, Claudette, Clive, Clam, and Clarence the Coconut Crabs
  • The Coconut Octopus
  • Robert Robert the Poison Dart Frog
  • The Capybaras (The Amazon Adventure)
  • Sonny and Janis the Seahorses
  • Puffy the Porcupine Puffer
  • Trixie the Triggerfish
  • The Leafy Sea Dragon father and sons
  • Anton the Frogfish
  • The Mudskippers
  • Nipper the Baby Gator
  • Soft Shell the Baby Sea Turtle
  • Female Spinner Dolphin
  • Mitch the Humpback Whale
  • The Tulum Cave Remipede (The Underwater Caves of Sac Actun)
  • Spotted Guard Crabs (The Great Barrier Reef)
  • Nautilus (Season 5)
  • Axolotl (Season 5)
  • Flying Squid (Season 5)
  • Sea Spiders (Season 5)
  • Sawfish (Season 5)
  • Goldie the Golden Mole
  • Puffins in the colony
  • Flying fish
  • Sandy the Sand Cat
  • Ronald and Mama Okapi

Known Family


Kwazii Relationships


  • Kwazii was based off of Meomi's late one-eyed cat, Eco.
  • In the books and other localizations of the franchise, Kwazii is referred to as a kitten and not a cat. It is unknown if, despite that, he's always been implied to be an adult anyways.
  • The name, Kwazii, may be a reference to a Japanese word (in English spelt Kawaii) which somewhat translates to "cute." It may also be a re-spelling of the word 'quasi,' in reference to his cryptozoological occupation.
  • Kwazii is one of three Octonauts that've had their names (or its spelling) change, the others being Dashi (Sauci) and Professor Inkling (Commander ‘O’ + Professor Inkles). In his debut on the February 2004 desktop wallpaper, his name was spelt as “Kwazi” instead. It was most likely changed due to his name having an additional “i” just looking better.
  • His eye patch is a joke (he wears it because it looks cool and "piratey"), both eyes work perfectly. in fact, several times he moves the eyepatch to reveal his right eye. Real pirates used eye patches to help them see better in the dark.
  • In the original books, Kwazii is occasionally shown bearing retractable claws, sharp cat teeth, and paw pads/beans coloured yellow like his muzzle.
  • Kwazii hates cold temperatures and getting up early, although he likes staying up late.
  • Kwazii is the best table-tennis player on the Octopod - even better than Professor Inkling!
  • Hobbies Kwazii has in the books include: Taking long baths, playing with/chewing on yarn, partaking in boxing/wrestling, watering his catnip plant, dressing up in costumes (a dress, preferably), eating whipped cream, looking at his Secret Maps in the library, playing on the park's merry-go-round, taking catnaps, lifting weights, feeding various animals upon meeting them, collecting treasures in his room, practicing cat-fu in the REC room, swinging on vines, and knitting/crocheting scarves. Most of these are exclusive to the books.
  • Instruments Kwazii has played include the Recorder, Drums, and Bass Guitar.
  • Kwazii sometimes has trouble saying long scientific words like "The Giant Siphonophore," "Humuhumunukunukuapuaa," "Aggregate Anemones," or "symbiosis."
  • Even though he claims that he's not scared of anything, he eventually shows that he is a little scared of what is about to attack him, like in the Long-Armed Squid episode when he he sees the tentacles of the squid, he tries to hide as if he was scared.
  • Kwazii is extremely afraid of spiders, which means that he has arachnophobia, as shown in The Giant Spider Crab.
  • Kwazii has a hair-ball collection, shown in the Only Lonely Monster book. Traces of yarn can be seen in them, referencing Kwazii's habit of chewing on his yarn ball in The Sea of Shade book.
  • One of Kwazii's favorite journals is "True Tales for Pirates."
  • Kwazii also wrote a book on sea monsters.
  • In an old character bio for Kwazii on Meomi's website, they state that he is “from the mysterious Far East.” instead of commenting on his mysterious pirate past like current descriptions do. The Far East is most likely referring to East and Southeast Asia, potentially implying that Kwazii is Asian. This may have been removed from newer descriptions due to the poor and outdated wording of the fact, along with a lack of relevance to his character throughout the franchise, phasing out almost completely by the time the show debuted.
  • Kwazii, out of the main cast, acts the most like the animal he is. He frequently meows, hisses, and generally makes cat-like noises. In his free time, Kwazii likes to toss around and play with a yarn ball, adding to his cat-related tendencies. He also has a scratching post in his bedroom, along with a cat-nip plant and a mouse toy (specifically in the books).
  • Kwazii has a Venus Fly Trap that he keeps in his room, which he feeds fish biscuits to.
  • Although Kwazii is an adult, he is a child at heart. Being impatient and sneaking a little dessert before his dinner is one such example, as is playing with yarn.
  • Kwazii has a tendency to stick his tongue out and stand on chairs/countertops multiple times throughout the books.
  • Kwazii was once referred to as a female in the books. Meomi has since proven any references to Kwazii with she/her pronouns as typos in older copies. Despite this, they've made statements such as "but he’s open minded to however people want to see him" and "though Kwazii does have a mysterious pirate past." This was all confirmed through Meomi and the Octonauts Twitter accounts.
  • In many Season 1 and 2 episodes, Kwazii tends to leave the Gup-A without permission from Captain Barnacles (usually while he is giving instructions of what the next mission plan is to Peso or another member of crew); much to his annoyance.
  • Kwazii is one of three out of the eight Octonauts to pilot all five main Gups. Peso and Tweak are the other two.
  • In Season 5, Kwazii is the third Octonaut to drive the Octo-Max Suit.
  • Above & Beyond Season 1 showcases Kwazii being completely absent from an episode for the first time, due to going on a long-term mission with Calico Jack assigned by Barnacles.
  • Above and Beyond Season 2 showcases Kwazii trying to solve conflicts with creatures by tricking them with mind games, such as reverse psychology. It’s implied that Calico Jack has taught him these skills.
  • In The Octonauts and The Caves of Sac Actun, Kwazii sounded the Octo-Alert by himself for the first time. In the same film, it is shown that Kwazii knows about Captain Barnacles' claustrophobia and that they have known each other for a very long time.
  • The episode The Sand Cat in Above and Beyond Season 2 shows Kwazii as a kitten for the first time in the franchise (in the form of photos in Calico Jack’s old journal).
  • In Albino Humpback whale, it was shown that Kwazii once was stuck on a deserted island and only avoided sunburn through the help of a mushroom coral.
  • Like Tweak, he enjoys eating carrots, usually sharing them with her.
  • Kwazii does not likes Licorice kelp cakes, a reference to how real cats hate them.
  • Like most of the Octonauts characters, Kwazii's voice begin raising in pitch as the series progressed. When production continued as of the late 2010s, Rob Rackstraw's Kwazii voice was much more hoarse than in the prior fourth season.
  • As of Above & Beyond Season 1, he has quite an odd relationship with new character Paani the Monkey. After trying to stop him from stealing the Gup-H, assuming he had bad intentions, he seems hesitant throughout the rest of The Skeleton Coast Adventure to trust him. His stubborn nature can clash with Paani's tendency to be quite blunt, so they may occasionally bicker. Despite this, Kwazii tends to worry about him when he's in dangerous situations, and even is the one to save him before falling from large heights on multiple occasions. They also have a lot in common, such as a similar instrumental theme song, an orange long-tailed appearance, and a love for adventure, telling stories, and making pudding.

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