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Octonauts is a TV show about talking animals that help creatures in danger! They are led by a brave polar bear! We have over 868 articles about Octonauts! Feel free to browse the index to get familiar with what the wiki has to offer!

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Octonauts On TV
Featured Episode
The Whale Shark.png

"The Whale Shark" is the first episode of the first season of The Octonauts.

When Dashi is swallowed by a whale shark she thought was a cave, the Octonauts venture inside it to rescue her.

Captain Barnacles informs the other Octonauts (Kwazii, Tweak, Tunip and Professor Inkling) that Dashi has been swallowed by a whale shark. Tunip asks Shellington if a whale shark is a whale. Shellington tells him that a whale shark is not a whale, but a shark (which is a fish) and the biggest fish in the ocean. Professor Inkling mentions how the fish is a filter feeder, which means it just opens its mouth and swallows whatever's there (meaning it didn't swallow Dashi on purpose). Barnacles instructs Kwazii and Peso to enter the Gup-A to go and save her. Tweak gives the captain a whale shark detector so they'll know where the whale shark is. She opens the Octo-Hatch and they go.

Featured Article
The featured article this month is:...VEGIMALS!

The Vegimals are little cute creatures, half vegetable, and half animal. All of them enjoy cooking, gardening, and helping the other Octonauts whenever they can. They speak vegimalese, their own special lan...Read More Here

Some of the vegimals cooking.

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Octonauts s1e27 - hungry pilot fish.avi

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Last month's answer is: The river dolphin only lives in the Amazon.

This months shoutout goes out to the...CUTTLEFISH!!!


The cuttlefish can squirt ink, change color, or make itself larger to confuse its predator! Did you know that?

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