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This policy is currently under review. This is just a rough draft of it. Once it has been approved, it will remain official.

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We have some regulations here at Octonauts Wiki. They must be obeyed and acknowledged at all times on the wiki.

  • A. General Policies
    • 1. User Conduct
      • a. Users are asked to be nice and friendly to one another. Rude behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances, despite what rank they are.
      • b. Insulting other users will result in consequences without warning. Do not insult anyone and treat everyone with equality and respect.
      • c. Do not harass other users.
      • d. Discrimination is strictly forbidden and will result in more severe consequences with a possible trial.
      • e. Art theft will not be tolerated. If you have a fanart picture of the Octonauts, please credit the artist.
    • 2. Content
      • a. Guidelines for pages must be followed.
    • 3. Profanity
    • a. No use of profanity is allowed on this site. This includes censored and abbreviated. This applies to the whole wiki, forums, network, and chatroom.
  • B. Chat policy
    • 1. General
      • a. All Octonauts Wiki policies apply in the chatroom.
      • b. All orders made by any crew member must be followed.
      • c. The consequence procedures would be generally two warnings, a kick then ban. However, any banning moderator/Administrator is free to ban at their discretion for any appropriate reason.
      • f. Do not do anything that will have a negative impact.
        • 1. Spam
          • A. Flooding
            • 1. Flooding is which more than 7 lines of text is posted.
          • B. Random letters and numbers.
          • C. Excessive emoticons/emojis.
          • D. Excessive advertising.
        • 2. Trolling is strictly prohibited.
        • 3. Do not doorspam in the chatroom. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection upon joining.
        • 4. No intimidation or harassment.
        • 5. Any other actions that may be questioned may be brought up to an administrator for further decision.
  • C. Signatures Revised November 6, 2018
    • 1. General
      • a. Signatures are used for documentation and verification of a user's identity.
      • b. All users have a default signature, which is ~~~~.
      • c. To make a special signature, you may make a custom signature, which can be made on your preference page.
      • d. If your signature contains complex code, you must make a template for it.
        • 1. If you have trouble, contact an administrator.
  • D. Advertising and affiliation
    • 1. General
      • a. Do not advertise other FANDOM wikis. Advertising may only be done in a blog post as long as it is not excessive or demanding.
      • b. If you would like to affiliate your community with Octonauts Wiki, please notify a bureaucrat.
  • E. Help

Please visit the Administration page to find out who has what user rights.