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The content below is from Octopod on this wiki. The Octopod is a vast, resident vehicle all the Octonauts reside in and call home.

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Professor Inkling

The Octopod is a mobile undersea vehicle, and it is the Octonauts' home and headquarters. It consists of several interconnected areas. It is built to look like a Giant Pacific Octopus.

Main Area

These large central areas contain most of the primary functions of the Octopod. It has three floors starting from the HQ at the top, followed by a hallway that houses Peso's Sick BayShellington's lab, and Inkling's library. The bottom-most floor is the Launch Bay, which also contains Tweak's room.

Side Modules

There are four side areas. Two are subdivided into two bedrooms each; one split between Barnacles and Kwazii, and another split between Peso and Dashi. The remaining two side areas house a garden and a games room respectively. The Vegimals' Kitchen is under the Garden in the same pod.

The side modules are connected to the main area by a series of flexible tubes through which the crew can slide down to get to the areas. Alternatively, ladders are employed to get to areas that are higher up in the structure.

The side modules can be retracted close to the main body when the Octopod is moving or in danger.


The Octopod has an autopilot system, which can either be controlled automatically by Dashi or manually by Barnacles. Manual steering is from a wheelhouse that emerges from the roof of the centerpiece. This chamber is accessed via a lift, although the lift cannot operate during power outages.

Advanced Technical Specifications

The Octopod is a second-generation general dynamics Type-3 hull configuration, made with a patented nuclear-embedded positronium alloy.

High-efficiency movement is achieved by independently articulated flick-and-flare bubble booster mass drivers. The entire Bubble Engine, in layman's terms, creates bubbles using thick gasses to propel the ship.

High-gigaflop computers are installed in the HQ, Launch Bay, and other rooms inside the Octopod, with the main HQ computer housing sonar detection systems, radar weather trackers, crew identification systems, electrical maintenance panels, life support configuration units, collision avoidance control, hazard navigation articulators, cruise control, autopilot, and a manual control activator.

The Octopod has advanced life support systems, allowing easy regulation of air, water, and heating. The ship carries a kind of chemical oxygen generator to produce air. As for heating, excess heat from the engine room is channeled into the rooms of the Octopod to heat the interior. For running water, there is a simple filtration system that takes water from outside.

The Octopod's launch bay is a type of moon pool, which is an opening in the floor or base of a ship/submarine's hull which gives smaller docked vehicles access to the water. Unlike some advanced types of moon pools which have clamps and/or docking bays, the Octopod's launch bay bears more resemblance to a swimming pool.

A battery system is installed in the Launch Bay in order to facilitate constant productivity and power the whole ship. The engine has an alternator to charge this battery which only produces power when running.


  • The current Octopod is actually the second Octopod that was made.
  • The first Octopod was crashed and turned into an artificial reef, as seen in The Octopod Mystery.
  • Tweak modeled the Octopod after the Giant Pacific Octopus as seen in The Octopod Mystery.
  • In Season 6, a trailer and a poster shows it has broken apart and became stranded in a desert, deserting the Octonauts.
  • Turns out, in the episode The Skeleton Coast Adventure, Tweak modified the Octopod so that it could walk in the desert.