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Paani is a character exclusively in Octonauts: Above & Beyond. He is a new ally and an Octo-Agent who can be seen working alongside the Octonauts, amongst other new and previously established characters. He makes his debut in Episode 1 of Above & Beyond Season 1, The Skeleton Coast Adventure.

He is a Macaque monkey from the jungles of India. He‘s scrappy and has an adventurous personality. Paani is accustomed to working alone in harsh, remote environments. As a hydrologist, he researches water everywhere to determine its impact on creatures.

In his first appearance in Episode 1, he is seen spying on the Octonauts and their crashed Octopod in the desert in Namibia from a distance with his binoculars, before seeing the barrels of water and the abandoned Gup-H. Getting enthusiastic for finding a solution to save dying animals from a drought, he attempted to fly the Gup away with the water before getting caught by Kwazii.

Due to Kwazii and Paani getting off on the wrong foot, they don’t start off on the best of terms, especially on Kwazii’s end. Paani’s blunt nature doesn’t help, nor does Kwazii’s reluctance to trust or follow anyone else when he thinks they don’t know what they’re doing. Despite this, Paani has been reluctantly saved by him after almost falling from high ground multiple times.

Over the season, he became open to making new friends and began to appreciate the help he got from the crew, whether or not he asked for it at first.

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  • In various different languages, such as Hindi, Paani’s name translates to “water”, referencing his hydrologist occupation.
  • Paani is the first Octo-Agent character to have no prior relations to any of the Octonauts.
  • Paani speaks in an Indian accent, seeing that his species are from the jungles of India.
  • In general, he shares a lot of qualities with Kwazii. Physically, he has a similar pale, light grayish gamboge palette and a long tail. Personality-wise, he seems just as if not more daring, along with being impulsive and rather acrobatic. He even gets stopped by Captain Barnacles before he does something without thinking and runs off before the other characters can catch up with him in a way that intentionally mirrors Kwazii doing the same thing. They also have a shared love for cooking, eating snacks (such as pudding), and telling stories.
  • Paani seems to enjoy surfing and paddle boarding like Dashi, with the two of them even surfing on ice during a mission in The Siberian Salamander episode. They also both like and are skilled at tracking storms.
  • It can be assumed that Paani likes to cook/bake as a pastime. When visiting the Octopod as a guest during The Hurricane Hunter Adventure, he could be found in the kitchen making heaps of fish biscuits with the Vegimals. He also mentioned saving a banana pudding recipe onto his Octo-Watch in The Fire Ants episode.
  • In The Rocky Mountain Rockslide, he has a friend named Sammy the Falcon who takes him to different locations, on a few occasions, to continue his hydrology research.
  • Paani quickly befriends Pinto when he appears in “The Curious Penguin”.
  • Instead of on his wrist, Paani wears his watch on his tail.
  • Paani has his own Fish biscuit-esque snack called “Paani Patties”, which are made out of bugs, berries, and seeds. The crew is pretty grossed out by this, but he thinks they’re tasty, most likely because some macaque species in real life do eat insects as a part of their diet. Even the rats in The Giant Weta and the Pangolin in The Monster Digger like it, mainly because their diets consist of insects.
  • Paani has a tendency to get attached to inanimate objects very easily, such as his original paddle-board and his octo-watch. He can get very focused on trying to retrieve them when lost, even if there are bigger priorities, like escaping from a dangerous area.
  • Paani, while occasionally seen swimming in shallow bodies of water (as he claims he prefers to study water on land), has yet to go on a deep-sea mission requiring him to swim and use an air tank.
  • Paani is one of the only characters in the show to be fully clothed.



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