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Peso is the medical officer for the Octonauts. He has become braver over time as shown in the Octonauts Movie: The Underwater Caves of Sac Actun. He is a small, kind-hearted penguin from a large family of penguins. He likes having that kind of family because they all look out for each other. Peso likes to help any injured sea creature, from blobfish to sharks to yellow bellied snakes. He is very shy and gets easily scared by Kwazii's spooky stories, but can be brave when there is someone who needs his help. He has a little brother named Pinto who thinks he is a real hero and is smaller than him. Pinto has even been to visit him a few times at the Octopod. He is the second-smallest main character in the Octonauts crew.

Peso is often the first to show fear when a mission involves any kind of danger, but he has shown that he is very capable of pulling through even the most stressful situations. He tends to always say "I help any creature who is hurt or sick no matter what." Unlike most of the crew, he can go underwater without a helmet, because he can hold his breath for a long time. However, he still wears a helmet underwater.

He's a talented medic, often gaining the trust of injured or frightened sea creatures far easier than his crewmates due to his gentle personality and politeness He's able to bandage them up even quicker, and sometimes he gives the sea creature a sticker.

Like Captain Barnacles, Peso also has a love for a specific kind of instrument, the xylophone. In Octonauts and The Beluga Whales, he plays the same song as the song the beluga whales sing in Professor Inkling's recording. Sounding British in the UK version, the US version of the show gave him a Hispanic accent. Wayne Grayson's voicing of Peso is also considerably deeper than Paul Panting's.

Peso can also steer the Octopod, and although we only see him in one episode driving it, (The Octonauts and the cone-snail) he seems to be able to drive it decently after he learns how.

In The Great Chrismas Rescue, Peso shows that he loves wrapping presents, and is rather good at it.

In The Yellow-Bellied Sea Snakes, Peso gets hurt for the first time. After he gets caught in a storm, he finds himself stranded on a beach. When he tries to get up, he finds out he has been injured with one of his flippers when the storm tossed him and the snakes (including Simone) onto the beach. It takes Captain Barnacles and Kwazii's teamwork to bandage him up.

In The Great Penguin Race, Peso is seen without a helmet as he competes against Hugo in the Iron Clam race. They were both trapped under a pile of ice slabs and were freed before they could run out of air.

In The Seahorse Tale, Peso helped Sonny give birth to his babies and he and Janis are really happy about Peso's help, very Similar to being a human having a baby born but differently, because Sonny is a daddy seahorse.

In the Octonauts and The Great Barrier Reef, Peso gets two poisonous spikes in his flipper. Fortunately he only needed a bandage and some ointment.

He stands as the most valuable member of the team.


Like the other Octonauts, Peso has a large head in proportion to his body. The white feathers on his face are separated from the black ones in an oval shape, with a widow's peak-like dip at the top. His lower part of stomach is white. He has a oval-shaped vivid yellow beak instead of the muzzle or nose. He has round black eyes with a small white dot in the center of each that represents both his pupils and the light reflection. Peso has luminous vivid amber webbed legs and short triangular penguin tail visible at his coccyx.

His outfit was black-and-white and that looks exactly like his torso, a deep blue-trimmed bluish white medic hat bearing the Octonauts symbol, and a vivid cobalt blue collar. Unlike the other Octonauts, Peso doesn't wear boots, excluding Tunip and Inkling.

Other Outfits

  • Deep-Sea Suit
  • Tuxedo
  • Suction Cup Suit
  • Inside-Out Suit
  • Heat-Proof Diving Suit (The Water Bears)
  • Snowsuit (despite being a cold-adapted animal)
  • Tweak's fanning machine used as wings (The Flying Foxes)


When Captain Barnacles sounds the "Octo-Alert" he is usually found in the Sick Bay. For the Launch Bay, he is usually with Barnacles and Kwazii running in the hallway.


  • "Is there a backup?"(The Octonauts and the Caves of Sac Actun)
  • "Flappity flippers!"
  • "I'm Peso. I'm a medic. I help anyone who is hurt or sick."
  • "I help any creature who is sick or hurt, no matter what."
  • "I am here to help you feel better!"
  • "Good as new!"
  • "You need a bandage."
  • "Ha, Cha, Hoy, Yah!" (When bandaging, unbandaging or untangling tentacles.)
  • "Just doing my job."
  • "Right-o."
  • "Alright."
  • "Dorian? Is that you?" (The Immortal Jellyfish)
  • "OOOH, Claws of DANGER!!" (The Mantis Shrimp)
  • "This place gives me the creeps." (The Octopod Mystery)
  • "AAH! Snake! Snake on the Octopod!" (The Sea Snakes)
  • "I...I can't believe I just did that!" (The Sea Snakes)
  • "Hammer claw, go!!!" (The Octonauts and the Ring of Fire)

Other friends

Known Family

  • Pinto - Little Brother
  • Mom - Mother
  • Rocko - Evolutionary Cousin
  • Ooju - Evolutionary Cousin
  • Adele Penguins - Evolutionary Cousins
  • Emperor Penguins - Evolutionary Cousins
  • Chinstrap Penguins - Evolutionary Cousins
  • Pogo - Big Brother (picture)
  • Aunt Papita (picture)
  • Grandma Perdita (picture)
  • Uncle Pepe (picture)
  • Piñata - Sister (picture)
  • Petina - Cousin (picture)


Peso Relationships


  • Peso shares his name with a form of currency used in many Spanish-speaking territories. The US version gives him a Spanish accent to match.
  • Peso is one of three out of the eight Octonauts to pilot all five main Gups. Kwazii and Tweak are the other two.
  • Out of all the Octonauts, he seems to look up to Captain Barnacles as a role model, and always tries to make him proud.
  • Peso’s hobbies in the books include: Practicing Piano, roasting marshmallows, bandaging everything and practicing, playing table tennis (and beating Shellington at it), playing on the playground’s merry-go-round, snorkelling, and listening to stories from Professor Inkling. Most are exclusive to the books.
  • In the show, Peso is sometimes seen brushing his beak. In the books, he is once shown holding a toothbrush and he says he's the only penguin with shiny white teeth.
  • Like Shellington, Peso has the best lung capacity of the Octonauts that breathe air, despite this he sometimes wears a helmet in situations where he doesn't need one.
  • When they're in bed, he and Shellington are the only ones who wear night caps. Shellington's is green and Peso's is blue.
  • Instruments Peso has played include the Piano, the Tambourine, and the Xylophone, with the former two being exclusive to appearances in the books.
  • As shown in The Mantis Shrimp, the only one of Kwazii's Stories that Peso is not scared of is the one about the Claws of Danger.
  • Peso is the only other Octonaut who can pilot the ship in steering wheel mode, shown in The Cone Snail.
  • In The Caves of Sac Actun, Peso is called "The Bravest Octonaut I had Ever Met" by Captain Barnacles for showing true courage as they traveled through the caves and encouraged Barnacles into overcoming his long-time claustrophobia.
  • In The Great Barrier Reef Special, Peso got stung by a poisonous creature for the first time, trying to save Corey from a Crown of thorns starfish.
  • It is currently unknown what kind of penguin Peso is.
  • He has a tendency to say, “please”, or “if you don’t mind.” When asking any of the crew to do something. (Hermit Crabs)
  • It has been revealed that Peso went to medical school in the episode, The Hermit Crab.
  • Peso’s favourite kelp cake is Peppermint.
  • Peso couldn’t handle the Australian heat in The Flying Foxes.
  • His name in spanish is pepe, presumably due to peso being offensive


If you want to see more pictures of Peso, see Peso Penguin/gallery.

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