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From the left, Grouber, Codish, Halibeet and Pikato. From the right, Tunip, Barrot, Tominnow and Sharchinni.

Pikato with all the other Vegimals in 'The Octonauts and the Saltwater Crocodile'

Pikato is one of the green Vegimals who isn't seen that much, but he still likes to help Tunip, Tominnow, and other vegimals. He is the only extra green Vegimal in the episode of the Great White Shark, as well as Sharchinni the Vegimal who is dark purple. Pikato was also seen in the "Convict Fish" episode. He was also digging a burrow with Tunip and the other vegimals. Pikato is much alike Tominnow, the color is the only difference. He often appears in episodes that star Sharchinni and Halibeet, because, like them he only appears occasionally. However this is not always the case, because in the Vegimal's Jingle Bells Song (Available on the Cbeebies Website) both Pikato and Halibeet appear but Sharchinni doesn't.