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Season 2 was the second season of The Octonauts.

Episode Number Title
1 "Octonauts and the Colossal Squid "  (2012-11-19)
The Octopod is grabbed by a Colossal Squid which drags it down into the depths. The Octonauts are unable to break free due to the hooks on the ends of the Squid's tentacles. Fortunately the arrival of some sperm whales turns the squid from hunter to hunted.
2 "Octonauts and the Adelie Penguin"  (2012-11-20)
Kwazii and Peso have to babysit some penguin chicks while their parents go hunting for fish. Captain Barnacles helps them get home when an iceberg blocks the way.
3 "Octonauts and the Coconut Crabs" (2012-11-21)
Kwazii finds an unbreakable coconut but some coconut crabs open it for him.
4 "Octonauts and the Great White Shark"  (2012-11-22)
Peso narrowly escapes when a hungry great white shark tries to eat him. Despite this he wants to help it after it injures its fin against the Octopod. The Octonauts use the Gup-X to turn the shark upside down and induce tonic immobility while Peso bandages it, but it comes round and in the end they escape by feeding it Tunip's fish biscuits to satisfy its hunger.
5 "Octonauts and the Sea Snakes"  (2012-11-23)
A poisonus sea krait lays her eggs in the Octopod just as it is being threatened by a huge wirlpool.
6 "Octonauts and the Bowhead Whales"  (2012-11-26)
The Octonauts encounter some narwhals again, this time trapped in the Arctic ice, and rescue them with the help of a bowhead whale whose massive head can act as an ice breaker.
7 "Octonauts and the Jawfish"  (2012-11-27)
A jawfish father has lost? the eggs he was brooding.
8 "Octonauts and the Porcupine Pufferfish"  (2012-11-28)
'The Octonauts venture inside a whale shark again, this time to rescue a porcupine puffer fish. '
9 "Octonauts and the Damselfish"  (2012-11-29)
Some algae-eating fish need help dealing with damselfish that chase them off the algae they are farming.
10 "Octonauts and the Sperm Whale"  (2012-11-30

A sperm whale uses its deep diving ability to rescue Peso who has been caught by a giant clam on the seabed.


Episode Number Title
1 "Octonauts and the Amazon Adventure"  (2012-11ddddD320ss322dfahhhhhhhhhhhhhhdsfsdj
In an old shipwreck Kwazii finds half of a treasure. Professor Inkling tells him that it is a medallion, Kwazii tells him that it is a map to the hidden town in the Amazon River. All of the Octonauts except Inkling and Barrot go to the amazon. A tide from the ocean splits the octonauts apart. Kwazii finds his grandfather Calico Jack, the famous pirate! Calico Jack helps Kwazii find the Octonauts and the Tresure (with some trouble along the way).