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1 "The Octonauts and the Poison Dart Frogs" 22 April , 2014

The Octonauts meet a group of poison dart frogs after a dangerous tidal bore sweeps up the Amazon, depositing all the fish high up in the trees! However, luckily Tweak's new Gup, the Gup H, is ready to lend a hand.

2 "The Octonauts and the Hidden Lake"  29 June , 2014

When Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso and Shellington find a mysterious hidden lake underneath Antarctica, Shellington is eager to find some new undiscovered creatures living in the red water. But why is the lake red? And is there actually any creatures living down so deep in the ice?

3 "The Octonauts and the Octopod Mystery" 25 Sep, 2015

After the Octopod breaks down, Tweak knows that the only way to get the new part that she needs is to take a trip to the old Octopod. But they may not be alone in their abandoned ship...

4 "The Octonauts and the Baby Sea Turtles" 28 Sep, 2015

Some baby sea turtles need the Octonauts' help when a large wave threatens the island where the precious eggs are buried - not that they'll admit it!

5 "The Octonauts and the Walrus Pups" 29, Sep 2015

Barnacles' nephews Ursa and Orso are going to get their Polar Scout Badges, when they spot three walrus pups on a drifting floe which is on a crash-course with 2 icebergs. Will Captain Barnacles be able to save them and finally earn the Walrus Rescue Badge - the only one he hasn't got?

6 "The Octonauts and the Mantis Shrimp" 30, Sep 2015

The Octonauts have to stop a battle of two mantis shrimp, before they damage the Octopod with their powerful claws.

7 "The Octonauts and the Loneliest Whale" 1, Oct 2015

The Octonauts meet a humpback whale who's all alone because his voice is different from the other humpbacks and try to help him.

8 "The Octonauts and the Tree Lobsters" 2, Oct 2015

Peso gets washed up on a mysterious rocky island and discovers a group of insects thought to be extinct called tree lobsters.

9 "The Octonauts and the Convict Fish" 14 Dec, 2015

The Octonauts evacuate the creatures living around a reef before a large archway collapses.

Special "Octonauts and the Operation Deep Freeze"

The Octonauts are confused when they get a distress signal from a research station that was supposedly abandoned years ago. Curious they head off to Antarctica to investigate and find an old friend of Captain Barnacles there...

10 "The Octonauts and the Emperor Penguins" 16, Dec 2016

The Octonauts journey across a dangerous expanse of ice to help a penguin mother get back to her family.

11: The Octonauts and the Baby Gator

Special: The Octonauts and the Great Swamp Search

12: The Octonauts and the Bomber Worms

13: The Octonauts and the Crawfish

14: The Octonauts and the Surfing Snails

15: The Octonauts and the Kelp Monster Mystery

16: The Octonauts and the Hippos

17: The Octonauts and the Flamingos

18: The Octonauts and the Operation Cooperation

19: The Octonauts and the Tiger Shark

20: The Octonauts and the Coelacanth

21: The Octonauts and the Yellow Bellied Sea Snakes

22: The Octonauts and the Spinner Dolphins

23: The Octonauts and the Sunfish

24: The Octonauts and the Coconut Crisis