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Season 5 is an upcoming season of Octonauts. It was originally going to air in Autumn 2018, but was delayed because of air date traffic for CBeebies. The season premiered in China on December 28th 2020 on CCTV14 at 18:17, and aired new episodes throughout January 2021. Season 5 will include the Chinese sea and river creatures, as well as a Yangtze River 22-minute special. This season marks the first appearance of Min the Mapmaker. Although given some early screenings in non-English territories, Season 5 has yet to air elsewhere globally. No specific date has been announced yet.




Original Air Date


"The Great Octo-Bot Rescue"


When the Octo-Bots sink into a lake of boiling hot sulfur, Kwazii has to rescue them before the surface hardens.


"The Beavers"


In order for a school of salmon to reach their nesting area, the Octonauts must enlist help from a family of beavers.


"The Hawksbill Sea Turtle"


The Octonauts must guide an ill-stricken hawksbill sea turtle into cooler waters, in order for her to lay healthy eggs.


"The Giant Sea Spiders"


Kwazii and Shellington get lost in the Antarctic’s deep seas, before meeting a family of giant sea spiders who may know a way out.


"The Sawfish"


When Kwazii gets a case of pirate hiccups, he and Peso go up the river in search of a pirate doctor’s treasure that can cure him.


"The Sea Lions"


When a wave traps Dashi in a cave with an injured sea lion pup, the Octonauts and sea lion pack must work together to save them. Using just some rope and a life buoy the pack fights against the waves to save them. Can they save them before it is too late?


"The Nautilus"


Kwazii sets off on a monster hunt, and soon encounters a shelled creature called a Nautilus.


"The Grey Whales"


The Octonauts must help reunite a grey whale calf with his mother, keeping him well fed in the meantime.


"The Flying Squid"


The Octonauts meet a flying squid who can help Kwazii's grandfather, Calico Jack, retrieve his treasure.


"The Feeding Frenzy"


While studying a school of sharks, Shellington and Dashi accidentally get caught in a feeding frenzy full of them.


"The Ghost Ship"


The Octonauts find an abandoned ship above the water, or so it seems.


"The Wood Eating Catfish"


When Kwazii is found with an injury, he tells the tale of how he and Calico Jack encountered a fish that ate his peg leg.


"The Seven Sea Squirts"


The Octonauts help a band of algae-shooting sea squirts reunite in order to stop an outbreak in the reef.


"The Bullfrogs"


When the Vegimals accidentally bring bullfrogs into the Octopod, they must rally them up and bring them back home before the Octonauts find out.


"The Beaked Whales"


The crew meets a pair of unusual beaked whales in a nearby reef.


"The Blufin Tuna"


The Octonauts help a bluefin tuna meet up with the rest of her school at their nesting grounds.


"The Axolotl"


Captain Barnacles and Kwazii help a pair of singing axolotls find a new watering hole, while protecting them from a hungry flock of herons.


"The Blue Whale Rescue"


The Octonauts have to save a blue whale who has injured his tail, and is beginning to sink as a result.


"The Zombie Worms"


The Octolab is being eaten away by a group of zombie worms, tasking the crew with finding a new home for them.


"The Mud Volcanoes"


While exploring the Mariana Trench, Shellington and Dashi come across a path full of mud volcanoes and a creature in need.


"The Tiger and Blind Shrimp"


The Octonauts encounter a tiger fish and blind shrimp who become separated.


"The Fish Mouth Louse"


The Octonauts help a creature find his louse friend who got lost and could be in trouble.


"The Deep Ocean Discovery"


Shellington’s sister and nephew, Pearl and Periwinkle, join him on a mission.


"The Silver Sea"


The Octonauts encounter a blob of glowing liquid drifting on the ocean’s surface.


"The Bicolour Fangblenny"


The crew must catch a mysterious fish that’s out to bite every creature in the reef.


"The Scaly-Foot Snail"


The Octonauts meet strong scaly foot snails and enlist them in trying to help save the Octo-Lab from falling into a crevice.


"The Chinese Giant Salamander"


The Octonauts head to the Yangtze River to help Min the Mapmaker, an old friend of Inkling's, who's been trapped by a mysterious creature. Turns out, It was just a Chinese giant salamander protecting her precious eggs, which have fallen ill due to rising water temperatures.

New Gups


  • Darragh O’ Connell, a director on the show from Season 1-4, confirmed that he’s had no part in Season 5’s production, as stated in this tweet.
  • The delay was most likely caused by airdate traffic from CBeebies. Some footage and images of Season 5 have been found in various Chinese websites. It is currently unknown when it will be released in English.
  • The seasons further delay in other countries after its China premiere in 2021 may also be due to behind-the-scenes production issues. Meomi's lesser involvement, adjustments to the switch in studios (from Brown Bag Films to Mainframe Studios, previously known as Rainmaker Studios at the start of production), contracting issues (China’s new involvements, the Netflix deal), the production of the movies and Above & Beyond, working under pandemic conditions, and much more can be speculated as causes for the long-term delay, despite the project supposedly wrapping up at some point in 2018 or 2019.
  • Due to the delay, and despite its events occurring before those in the spinoff series, Above & Beyond's first season has debuted on Netflix worldwide. This may leave room for confusion when Season 5 finally releases with Min's original introduction, Periwinkle still being a baby, the Gup-R's first appearance, and plenty more.
  • Though Season 5 is now debuting after Above & Beyond, it technically hosts Calico Jack, Pearl, Periwinkle, and Professor Natquik's first time appearing again since their debut episodes.
  • In February 2017, an Octonauts Scaly-Foot Snail toy was released, which was the first Season 5 creature and episode hinted. In September 2017, a printing file was released featuring Season 5 and a Yangtze River special information, and a new special character (Mapmaker Min) was revealed. News on the Coconut Crisis and Sunfish episodes' broadcast delivery to all channels featuring the Octonauts show was released because of it.

Season 5 episodes (Chinese)

  1. Scaly Foot Snail / Mud Volcanoes 12/28/2020
  2. Silver Sea / Octo Bot Rescue 12/29/2020
  3. Bluefin Tuna / Flying Squid 12/30/2020
  4. Blue Whale Rescue / Nautilus 1/4/2021
  5. Sea Lions / Mysterious Whale 1/5/2021
  6. Wood Eating Catfish / Ghost Ship 1/6/2021
  7. Sea Spiders / Zombie Worms 1/7/2021
  8. Deep Ocean Discovery / Seven Sea Squirts 1/8/2021
  9. Beavers / Axolotls 1/11/2021
  10. Bullfrogs / Feeding Frenzy 1/12/2021
  11. Fish and Louse / Hawksbill Turtle 1/13/2021
  12. Grey Whales / Sawfish 1/14/2021
  13. False Cleaner Fish / Watchman Goby and Blind Shrimp 1/15/2021
  14. Chinese Giant Salamander 1/16/2021