As the Octonauts sleep, a strange sound wakes them up as the Octonauts discovered a sunburned Albino Humpback Whale who needs help. Captain Barnacles orders to have all the Gups do an emergency whale transport to not only help the whale move, but to cure his sunburn, using mushroom coral.

Creature Report



  • When the Octo-alert is sounded, it showed Kwazii in his room, but Barnacles told him to sound the Octo-alert, and Kwazii was in the HQ.
  • When Peso got out of his bed to see what was making the strange noise in the closet, his medical bag can be seen beside his bed and night stand, despite the two Vegimals playing around with what was inside when Peso looked inside the closet to find them. Tunip's eyes also have a rendering error. In the next scene where Peso leaves his room, the bag beside his bed is gone.