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When an underwater hurricane destroys a small reef, which a frogfish named Anton and other creatures depend on, Tweak and her crew must convert the recently destroyed Gup-F into an artificial reef before the second stage of the hurricane strikes!




The Octo-Alert was sounded by Dashi to figure out how to help the fish when their coral reef got destroyed by the first stage of the hurricane.


  • The Gup-F is destroyed in this episode, but is remade into an artificial reef for the creatures who’s original reef’s been destroyed by the first stage of a hurricane.
  • Every time Tweak fixed a certain part of the Gup-F, another part broke.
  • Moral: Sometimes the most useless things can be the most useful. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


  • When Tweak is shown welding the metal parts of the restored reef, there is no welding stick in her paw, which could have instantly burned her paw, then it shows up out of nowhere when the camera changes angles.

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