While exploring the ocean, Captain Barnacles and Kwazii inside the Gup-A where somehow grabbed by a mysterious creature until Professor Inkling discovers that the creature that grabbed the Gup-A is Inkling's long-lost cousin, Irving the Giant Squid as Inkling explores in the Gup-A to help Irving. Irving tells Inkling that he was very hungry, and so the professor got him several baskets of fish biscuits. He eats a lot of fish biscuits which show he likes them.

Creature Report

As Tweak adds a special turbo booster button to the Gup-B, Kwazii decides to test the Gup-B in the ocean, when suddenly the Octonauts discover that an undersea storm is heading their way. Captain Barnacles notices that Kwazii isn't inside the Octopod, so he travels in the Gup-C to rescue him.

Creature Report


A new upgrade

The episode begins with Tweak working on the Gup-B, adding a turbo button that Kwazii approves. He later goes out for a test drive, but ignores Tweak's reminders of the conditions to use the turbo button, much to her dismay. He enjoy himself in the meanwhile, but Dashi suddenly alerts Captain Barnacles of a storm the storm tracker. A look from the octoscope confirms this, and soon, all hands are on deck at making the Octopod safe for the storm, but when Barnacles get to Kwazii, a nervous Tweak then tells him about the test drive.

Test Drive

As expected, Kwazii was having the time of his life, entertaining a lobster reef lobster who soon blows away. Kwazii notices this, and immediately heads out to rescue it. Unfortunately, it caused him to miss a call from Dashi.

As he returns the little lobster, only then does he know about the storm. After a painful handshake, he sets off to save the creatures in the storm, receiving a second call from the Octopod. Letting them know of his current task, he sets out after getting permission from Barnacles.

The crash

Multiple animals were rescued, and Kwazii sets off to the Octopod, seeing the little reef lobster along the way. Unfortunately, the Gup-B struggles against the storm, prompting him to use the turbo button... only the crash into the reef.

After losing contact, Barnacles heads out on a rescue mission in the Gup-C, planning on towing the Gup-B home. However, the rescue attempt almost fails as the cable snaps, but luckily, the little reef lobster and his family form a chain and patched the cable.

Return to the Octopod

After pulling the Gup-B free, Barnacles heads back as fast s he can, with the little lobster and his family keeping the Gup-B secure behind. They make it just in time.

All the Octonauts are safe and sound inside, with Kwazii and Barnacles giving their thanks to the little Lobster. He accepts, and decides to stay in the Octopod for the time being. Tweak provides some commentary on the test drive, and soon, everyone was enjoying hot cocoa.


  • The little lobster's family keeps changing size throughout the episode.