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The Octonauts are in the "Sea of Vanishing Ships," mentioned in Kwazii's Spooky Pirate Stories. While trying to find a rover cam, the shaking from a tremor splits the Gup-X and the crew. While Peso and Tweak try to get the Gup parts back together, Captain Barnacles and Kwazii meet a loggerhead sea turtle named Lenny, who became trapped underneath the crashed glider.

Creature Report

Loggerhead Sea Turtle


Rover Cam

Tweak was testing out her new rover cam in a sea forest, which Kwazii claims is the sea of vanishing ships. On the rover cam, a loggerhead sea turtle is seen, and Tweak sends the cam after it when an underwater tremor occurs. The rover cam is damaged, so Barnacles sounds the Octo-Alert.

Into the Forest

Barnacles decides to have Peso, Kwazii, and Tweak come with him in the Gup-X, to which Peso is nervous about. While they're searching, they find the loggerhead sea turtle; since the cam was following the turtle, Barnacles decides to ask if he's seen it, so they follow him.

Breaking the Gup-X

As they follow the turtle, another underwater tremor occurs, causing the Gup-X to split up into separate pieces and Barnacles and Kwazii, in the glider, get separated from Tweak and Peso, in the tank. Tweak decides to fix the Gup connector in order to reconnect the Gup, so she gets to work. Meanwhile, Kwazii and Barnacles spot the loggerhead sea turtle stuck underneath their part of the Gup and he introduces himself as Lenny. Barnacles suggests that Lenny tuck in his head and flippers, but Lenny says that they're too big to fit in his shell. Barnacles and Kwazii attempt to lift the glider off of Lenny.

The Gup-X is Fixed

As Tweak is fixing the Gup connector, Peso spots the rover cam outside and goes after it, but gets lost in the process. Tweak finishes her work and Peso catches a lift on the Octo-Ski back to the Gup along with the rover cam. The glider lifts off of Lenny, who injured his flipper. Kwazii and Barnacles take him to see Peso, who puts a flipper splint on him. In return, Lenny helps guide them back to the Octopod.