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The Octonauts and the Amazon Adventure

The Octonauts is a British 3D-animated children's television series produced by Silvergate Media (formerly produced by Chorion until they went into debts and shut down in 2011, selling the rights to Silvergate), and animated in Ireland by Brown Bag Films, but uses British and English voice-over actors. It first aired on October 4, 2010 in the UK on the BBC channel CBeebies, and in the US on Disney Junior in 2012. Aimed towards pre-school audiences, the series is based on the book series by Meomi by Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy. The show was released on Netflix in the USA in January 2015, and the 4th season was recently released in October 2018, though temporarily removed from the service until mid-2021. The episodes themselves will still be available for viewers to watch on other digital streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube for purchase (a vast majority of the episodes are also uploaded to YouTube by fans and occasionally by the official YouTube Channel).

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