Tunip the Vegimal is the Octonauts' head cook and gardener. He is a Vegimal, a half-animal, half-vegetable creature capable of breathing on land as well as underwater. Tunip is very childish and innocent, always wanting to help the Octonauts in any way he can. He is the smallest main character in the Octonauts crew. Aside from cooking the meals, Tunip works in the garden, cultivating vegetables he can use to cook meals. His two favorite meals are fish biscuits and kelp cakes. Tunip, like all Vegimals, speaks in Vegimalese, which only Shellington can understand (usually). Since he was born, his first word was "Cheepa Cheepa!"  The only words Tunip can say in English is his own name, "Creature Report", "Follow that Vegibot", "I'll miss you Vegibot" and a few others. He may be cute, but sometimes he can get a little silly like all the Vegimals.  For example, in some episodes, when something bad happens, Tunip faints (as do the other Vegimals at times). Of all the Vegimals, Tunip is the only one who is a main character. He seems to be the de facto leader of the Vegimals and the most mature of them.

Other Outfits


Cooking Apron

Chef's hat


  • Make food
  • Help Tweak
  • Gardening
  • Fainting
  • Swimming in water


81P5VyN9LwL. SL1500

A plush version of Tunip designed by Fisher-Price


Baby tunip

Baby Tunip hatches, as Shellington holds and meets him

If you want to see more pictures of Tunip the Vegimal, See Tunip the Vegimal/Gallery.

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  • In Octonauts Explore the Great Big Ocean book and The Very Vegimal Christmas episode, it is revealed that he and the other vegimals were found by Shellington as the eggs on the side of the Octopod. It was dangerous to keep the fish eggs outside, so he saved their lives and took them to his lab to study. 
  • Tunip can actually say 2 words and a phrase in English: "Creature Report" "Check" and his name.
  • Tunip was able to say Shellington's name in The Octonauts and the Sea Snakes.
  • Tunip and the other Vegimals were able to speak a little more English in The Very Vegimal Christmas.
  • In Octonauts and the Very Vegimal Christmas, Tunip is the one who gets the idea of creating the special Gup-V.
  • Fish cannot survive off land out of water.
  • He likes reading on the toilet in as shown in the episode The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.
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