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Hi I am DogetheDog

Hobbies:Drawing, Playing Video Games, Hitting Milestones on yt and family.

Dislikes:Dying, Being Sad

Cool bois bad at driving gup-d boi fast carrot 24/7 picture taker Captain x10000000000 fast

Class people in room 17 edison acadmey

Evander. 3. Kenzington. 4.Joei. 5. Ava. 6. Veniso (name spelled wrong). 7. Luke. 8. Cambree. 9.Jackson. 10. Elijah (Me). 11. Matthew. 12. Audree. 13. Jayline. 14. Evangline. 15. Elijah.G (a another elijah ok? don't be suprised.). 16. Jonathan. 17. Karin. 18. Sadie. 19. Aria. 20. Yaneli. 21. Charlie. 22. Lennel (NAME SPELLED WRONG AGAIN).