Octonauts Wiki

Scene (Corey bumped by the Gup W)

Me: Take one... and ACTION!

Corey: I'm a tiny little bit in the big blue sea. I'd be surprised if anybody even noticed me but I can take it, make it, if I never quit. Cause every little bit. Can find a way to...

Me. CUT! Where did Barnacles go?

(Camera moves to Barnacles drinking a slurpee)

Barnacles: Sorry. You said we would take a break for five hours.

Me: Five minutes!

Scene (Pirate Pie song)

Me: Take two... ACTION!

Kwazii: For Pirate Pie you chop, chop, chop! For Pirate Pie you chop, chop...

Codish: Youch!

Me: CUT! Someone get Codish a band-aid. Hey! Grouber, don't eat that, It's not your scene yet. Ugh. (facepalm)

Scene (Known as an Outbreak)

Me: Take 23... ACTION!

Shellington: If there's too much Crown of Thorns Starfish, it can cause an outbreak.


Me: CUT! Who's next on the script?